Trial details

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION TO CENTRE PERMIT APPLICATION Name Licence no. Clerk of the course: * * Steward: Secretary of the meeting: address: telephone number: child protection contact: Other details Officials Type of trial (grade A/B): Entry fee                   £: Method of marking: Number of routes: Check if entrants can use email instead of 2 * SAE Close date for entries: Any other comments to appear on form (eg. No Petrol at start) Classes catered for (please check) NB. Classes for championships will be allocated as per championship rules. Expert Intermediate Clubman Over 40 Youth Twin shock Pre 65 TY80 Other Lady Grade ‘A’ Trial Details Check if late entries are allowed Late entry fee (if more than entry fee): Notes: The Clerk of the Course must have a licence number. A steward is optional, if not present the words ‘In the event of an appeal the Centre Stewards Panel will be invoked’. Fields marked * are mandatory. * * * * * * *